We are a collective focused on interaction design and education. Equipped with a wide range of tools and skills from each end of the spectrum, we meet in the middle with interactive works. HAYTA's specialties cover UI/UX, interaction design, art direction, creative technologies, 3D modeling & animation, augmented reality, virtual reality, web technologies and game design.

Our current engagement is with tackling the process of building interaction and making technology accessible and understandable for users, audience. Because we believe that the impressiveness of any work shouldn't be relying on the fact that the user doesn't know how the technology behind it works. Especially if it's several years old, mass-produced, and available as a consumer product; while simultaneously, various creation tools support the hardware with their own APIs and libraries on the software side.

Currently based in Linz (AT) & Istanbul (TR), HAYTA provides:

  • Workshops and lecture series on building interaction and interactive technologies.
  • Interactive field installations, storefront & event setups, alongside web experiences.
  • Consulting services, support for R&D and project conceptualization.

u19 Create Your World - Ars Electronica Festival (Linz)
Workshop, Interaction Design
NODE Festival (Frankfurt)
Workshop, Creative Technologies
Collaboration with: Jürgen Ropp
Interface Cultures Department - Art University Linz (Linz)
Lecture, Interaction Design
Nov 2016   Workshop Series: vvvv for Beginners
Interface Cultures Department - Art University Linz (Linz)
Workshop, Creative Technologies
Collaboration with: Jürgen Ropp, Gregor Woschitz
Ars Electronica Festival (Linz)
Lecture, Workshop
Food Retailers Association (Istanbul)
Mar 2015   Lecture Series: New Generation of Interactive Technologies in Marketing
Istanbul Business School (Istanbul)
Apr 2014   Consulting and R&D Support: Project Conceptualization for Storefronts & Events
Zeplin Interactive (Istanbul)
Art Direction, Creative Technologies, Storefront & Event Setups, Consultation
May 2014   Consulting and Project Support: Workshops with Interactive Technologies for Kids
Atölye5 (Istanbul)
Workshop, Consultation
Mar 2013   Workshop Series: re.hear.sal Tour
Istanbul American College | Izmir American College | Tarsus American College (Turkey)
Apr 2013   re.hear.sal
Sabanci University (Istanbul)
Performance, Interactive Installation

Co-Founded by: Onur Olgaç, Gürkan Kurtbay

Contact: hayta.co@pm.me